Small Animal Studios Inc.

Product Designer (Contract)

What you’ll do

As a Product Designer you’ll have the chance to solve complex design and product problems with some of the most interesting startups and companies in the Bay Area. Day-to-day you’ll ideate, sketch, prototype, and design high fidelity mobile and web interactions and interfaces. Great work takes deep concentration and space, so you’ll never be spread across different projects or jump between multiple short projects. A typical project ranges from a month to three months. You’ll work closely with myself and the companies Small Animal Studios works with. You’ll have input on how we do our work and help build a culture where everyone is proud of their contributions and their personal and career growth.

Helpful experience and skills

Job requirements

How to apply

If this sounds like a good fit for you, send a note with links to your work and experience — I’d love to chat. I would especially encourage women, people of color, and other underrepresented folks to apply.

About Small Animal Studios Inc.

Small Animal Studios Inc, was started by me, Dustin Senos, a Software Engineer turned Designer. Throughout my career I’ve worked as a contractor, consultant, and employee for a range of companies from eero, to Obama’s White House. Before starting the studio, I was the Head of Design at Medium and a Software Engineer at The Walt Disney Company building virtual worlds for kids. Small Animal Studios aims to bring together an inclusive group to collaborate on product, design, and engineering projects. Currently, there’s two of us working at the studio and I’m actively looking to bring on more designers — maybe it’s you or someone you know?

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